Guan, our hero, a wizened warrior who spent his youth as an adventurer, thief and sword for hire. Now in his 40s, tired and run down from a life of fighting, filled with regrets, the bitter sting of guilt and the heavy weight that is the grindstone of his life, Guan thinks he’s finally found happiness and love in the form of Ehri-ka…until his past catches up with him.

JEFF LEACH — Taking on the role of the lead hero, Guan, is English actor Jeff Leach. Known for his stand up comedy, Leach takes on the dramatic role of helping to save the world of Asuka and thwart the evil ways of necromancers, zombies and dark magic. Leach’s feature film appearances include, THE SMOKE and LONDON TOWN. Leach has also hosted his own series JEFF LEACH +1 on London Live. With an impressive social media following, Leach has devoted much of his time to charity work as well.


Our heroine, Rika, is alluring but deadly and the tomboy daughter of the commander of the fortress Yamizake, General Makabe. She’s sassy yet smart, eager to learn the ways of life and ready to defend her home and her father at whatever the cost. Faced with her father’s untimely death, Guan must get Rika to Cho-Sen—a plight she fights along the way, yet continues to grow, blossoming into the flower her father wanted her to be and the warrior she always wanted to be.

TIFFANY WU — Newcomer Tiffany Wu steps into the role of our heroine, Rika, the daughter of General Makabe who has spent her time trying to convince her father she’s a warrior. Wu nailed her audition, convincing the ROAD OF VENGEANCE team she embodied the beauty, spunk and desire of the well-crafted Rika character. Born and raised in Michigan, Wu landed in Los Angeles last year and didn’t wait long before catching buzz in La La Land.


An Onmyogi, a master of Yin Yang powers, Five is a sorcerer who has transcended time with command over elementals and whose past will provide answers and guidance for Guan and Rika. Five is five hundred years old and has the knowledge and experience of the perfect sage.

JASON SCOTT LEE – Industry veteran Jason Scott Lee plays the pivotal character, Five, an immortal power who assists Guan in his quest to save Rika from the dark forces. Perhaps best known for playing Bruce Lee in the martial arts film DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY and Mowgli in the Disney smash hit, THE JUNGLE BOOK. Jason just appeared in Disney’s MULAN.


Wei-Han is our antagonist, the evil necromancer and heir apparent to the demon king, Ashok. Years earlier, Wei-Han suffered extreme humiliation at the hands of his nemesis Guan and has set now as the time to get his revenge. Wei-Han searches for the relics, which when found, will give him the power to bring Ashok back from the shadow realm and ultimately rule this world himself.

ANDRE SOGLIUZZO — Stepping into the role of the evil necromancer is veteran voice actor Andre Sogliuzzo. Andre’s credits include STAR WARS: CLONE WARS, AVATAR, THE LAST AIRBENDER and AMERICAN DAD!, among countless others. Andre is also well known in the video game space providing voice work on such titles as MEDAL OF HONOR, SPAWN and DOOM 3. He is also the voice of Puss N’ Boots in all of the SHREK games.


Commander of the fortress Yamazaki, Makabe worked his way up the ranks after years of service and devotion to his land. He is ever protective of his daughter, RIKA, since the passing of her mother. He faces off against the army of the dead and defends Yamazaki and his honor right up until the bitter end.

BRUCE BOXLEITNER — Bruce Boxleitner plays the pivotal role of General Makabe, the father of our lead, Rika. Boxleitner has amassed an impressive list of credits in his long career from the incredible successes of SCARECROW AND MRS. KING to BABYLON 5 as well as Disney’s TRON.


The Goddess is one of the universal supreme beings in the world of Asuka. Speaking from her celestial place, she is focused on Guan’s journey to heal his soul and become the man he was meant to be. She challenges the conscience for all souls hoping to find routes to achieve serenity while conquering past demons reminding us all “past deeds can be expunged.”

PHYLICIA RASHAD — Multi-Emmy nominated and Tony winning actress Phylicia Rashad steps into the role of the “Goddess” who narrates our story from her place in the universe guiding Guan on his quest to reach his goals. Rashad, perhaps best known for her long run on the smash hit, THE COSBY SHOW, has been dazzling audiences for decades including her recent runs on EMPIRE and THIS IS US.


Teacher Meng is to Guan as Mr. Miyagi is to the Karate Kid. An invaluable mentor, Meng guided Guan through his journey to become a better man. He provided lessons for Guan in all aspects of life—from his status as a warrior to his artistic maturation and seeker of knowledge to life’s questions and answers. He is the only man Guan respects unconditionally and Guan’s impeccable martial arts skills are the result of his work with Teacher Meng.

GEORGE TAKEI — Iconic George Takei plays Teacher Meng, Guan’s confidante, teacher and sensei. Takei is most famous for his unforgettable run as Sulu, the helmsman of the USS Enterprise aboard the vastly popular STAR TREK franchise. With an impressive social media following, Takei has used his platform to support many causes including Japan-United States relations as well as LGBT rights.


Destroyer of lands, King of demons, a creeping plague that spread across the lands of Asuka in ancient times. Once a talented warrior and gifted strategist, Ashok’s lust for power led to his trafficking with infernal forces and use of dark magic in an attempt to unite all the lands of Asuka under his iron rule. But all things have a price: Ashok’s was a painful demise and his spirit’s banishment to the dark realms of death. But even in death he plots his return.

BRIAN TEE — Playing the role of Ashok is Japanese-born American actor Brian Tee perhaps best known for his leading role as Dr. Ethan Choi on the hit NBC medical serial, CHICAGO MED. Tee has also appeared in numerous feature films including THE WOLVERINE, FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT and JURASSIC WORLD, among others.


Ehri-ka is Guan’s love interest. Famed for her charm and beauty she yearned to leave her mountain village and seek her fortune in Cho-Sen, the capital of Asuka. Ehri-ka meets Guan at the market place and they begin a romance–both convinced they have finally found what they were looking for.

BRITTANY ISHIBASHI – Appearing briefly in season one, Brittany Ishibashi steps into the role of the love interest, certain to make her presence heard as the series develops. Ishibashi has starred in numerous features including TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: OUT OF THE SHADOWS and countless television series including, HAWAII FIVE-O, THIS IS US and GRACE AND FRANKIE.