Guan, our hero, a wizened warrior who spent his youth as an adventurer, thief and sword for hire. Now in his 40s, tired and run down from a life of fighting, filled with regrets, the bitter sting of guilt and the heavy weight that is the grindstone of his life, Guan thinks he’s finally found happiness and love in the form of Ehrika…until his past catches up with him.

JEFF LEACH — Taking on the role of the lead hero, Guan, is English actor Jeff Leach. Known for his stand up comedy, Leach takes on the dramatic role of helping to save the world of Asuka and thwart the evil ways of necromancers, zombies and dark magic. Leach’s feature film appearances include, THE SMOKE and LONDON TOWN. Leach has also hosted his own series JEFF LEACH +1 on London Live. With an impressive social media following, Leach has devoted much of his time to charity work as well.