Our heroine, Rika, is alluring but deadly and the tomboy daughter of the commander of the fortress Yamizake, General Makabe. She’s sassy yet smart, eager to learn the ways of life and ready to defend her home and her father at whatever the cost. Faced with her father’s untimely death, Guan must get Rika to Cho-Sen—a plight she fights along the way, yet continues to grow, blossoming into the flower her father wanted her to be and the warrior she always wanted to be.

TIFFANY WU — Newcomer Tiffany Wu steps into the role of our heroine, Rika, the daughter of General Makabe who has spent her time trying to convince her father she’s a warrior. Wu nailed her audition, convincing the ROAD OF VENGEANCE team she embodied the beauty, spunk and desire of the well-crafted Rika character. Born and raised in Michigan, Wu landed in Los Angeles last year and didn’t wait long before catching buzz in La La Land.