Teacher Meng is to Guan as Mr. Miyagi is to the Karate Kid. An invaluable mentor, Meng guided Guan through his journey to become a better man. He provided lessons for Guan in all aspects of life—from his status as a warrior to his artistic maturation and seeker of knowledge to life’s questions and answers. He is the only man Guan respects unconditionally and Guan’s impeccable martial arts skills are the result of his work with Teacher Meng.

GEORGE TAKEI — Iconic George Takei plays Teacher Meng, Guan’s confidante, teacher and sensei. Takei is most famous for his unforgettable run as Sulu, the helmsman of the USS Enterprise aboard the vastly popular STAR TREK franchise. With an impressive social media following, Takei has used his platform to support many causes including Japan-United States relations as well as LGBT rights.